Hello world!

It's been a week since I posted my first entry, so I guess it's time for another one.
I'm gonna be honest, according to my lack of ideas, I thought I'd never use this blog again. But I promised I would try and keep this updated, so here I am!

As you can see, this entry is going to be make-up related. My lovely mum gave me the beautiful thingy you can see in the picture as a Christmas gift and I decided to mix all of that with my old goodies and show you some make-up ideas.

I focused on the eyes using 3/4 of the palettes you see (because two of them are the same...why) and I'm going to apologize in advance to all of you who actually know how to do your make-up, because I'm terrible at it. I really truly am. But it's all fun and games, right? Don't hate me.

Let's get started!!

    1. The 'I've got not clue of how to do this so I'm gonna keep it simple'.

    Yep, I'm making the names up and yep, this is such a shitty eye make-up...don't judge me. These are the items I used and three pictures of how it looks. I'm pretty sure it'd look better if any other person did it. 

    (Also, I'm not mad, I just have a bitchy resting face. And I'm not dreaming about Leonardo Dicaprio in the last one...nope.)

    2222 The 'I hate this freaking eyeliner and everything in life'.

    I have a really hard time every single day when I try to do my winged eyeliner because well, what kind of friendship do you need to have with satan to make those wings right? Please, tell me, I'd love to know.
    I've seen tutorials (which makes me sad because they make it seem so easy...I feel betrayed), I've tried with tape, with different types of eyeliner...and I'm getting there. Little by little.

    So yeah, this is just an everyday-eyeliner kind of thing. It looks decent, thanks to my new liquid eyeliner.

    3 The 'I tried to make it look cool as hell but failed'.

    I've seen this kind of eye make-up all around and I wanted to try it, it goes. 
    I should probably practice more because I can't go out with my make-up looking as bad as this one does but it'll look better next time. I hope. Probably not.

    (One of the lines in the picture where I'm sleeping looks weird, but I promise it wasn't that bad.)

    4. The 'this earth colours palette is so pretty I'm gonna cry'.

    I think this is my favourite palette because in my opinion, earth colours are extremely pretty and they make your eyes look elegant and I don't know, they kind of give you a "feline but simple" look.

    I don't even know what I did here tho. I just mixed all the colours and tried to make it look nice and beautiful.

    (I look so stupid with my eyes closed...somebody teach me how to look gorgeous like that, please and thanks.)

    5 The 'I'm Kylie Jenner'.

    This is definitely my favourite look because doing my make-up like hers was so much fun! I highly recommend it. I felt rich and powerful wearing it (I'm not even kidding) and I'm not gonna lie, I would not leave my house with my lips like that but it's a pretty cool look to take selfies.

    Girls, we all can be Kylie Jenner. Remember that.

    (I also pretended I had short hair, yup. And I did my eyebrows pointy like hers...felt maleficent.)

    And...that's all!

    I hope you guys like it (if somebody's actually going through this blog), I had a great time trying all kind of colours, shapes and new products.

    Have a nice week!!!



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