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I wasn't going to post anything today since nobody actually reads me and also, because I'm feeling extremely poorly, but, here I am! Keeping my promise, what a champion.

As I just said, I don't feel really good so I'm gonna go straight to the point: let's talk about music. And more specifically, Sia's new video, 'Elastic Heart'. Here we go.

So...like a week ago, Sia posted her new video (here, in case you haven't watched it) and once I saw it, I thought "holy guacamole, I need to comment this video", which made me start writing this entry. And then, for some reason, people made the video kind of...controversial.

But, let's start stating my opinion on the video: w o w. 
That's it. That's all I could say when I first watched it. 
I'm not easy to impressed when it comes to this kind of stuff, not when nowadays almost every single video is the same; and if it's not the same, it's just...a video. A really simple video. But god, this is not another video...it's a freakin' piece of art. I teared up watching it because is so intense and so well done...I've got chills just thinking about it. It took such a reaction out of me!

I honestly spent like, two minutes simply staring at the screen thinking "how...how did she come up with such an amazing idea?" and trying not to cry. And that's a huge part of why I don't get all this...drama that some people have created about it.

Pedophilia? Really? What is wrong with you?
What makes you feel like the video is about a man in a relationship with a child? The fact that both of them are wearing dancing suits? Or the connection between them? How well they work together? Please, enlighten me.

I genuinely don't see what all of you protesting about this incredible video are seeing, I don't. I tried to understand, I watched it over again but...nope. No clue. I mean, to think that way, you have to sexualised a twelve year old girl, which I'm not capable of doing. But I guess you are, and that's what you did. There's no other way you got that message.

When I first saw it, I was torn between these two interpretations: 

  1. It is about a little girl and his dad, both dealing with mental illness/internal demons. 
  2. It is about one person dealing with themselves.
At the end, I went more towards the second one; a representation of two conflicting selves. Like, an internal battle between you and yourself, both fighting to get better and love yourself and get out of the hole. And it's...truly breath-taking.

It's so perfectly showed; so emotional, so rough, so...real. That's the word, it's real. Full of pain and hurt but life and hope at the same time, it's brilliant. So so brilliant that it makes me sad to see so many people trying to make it a bad thing. Isn't that unfair? To turn such a beautiful work of art into something harmful? 

An extraordinary video like that, with the music and the dance and what both of those things create together...deserves so many good words and appreciation. I feel like people need to watch it again and reconsider everything because you're missing out something really worth watching.

I guess that's all.

Have a nice week!!



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