Hello there and welcome to my blog!

This is not my first blog, I've had a few and they all ended up being deleted because I'm so bad at these kind of things. I get pretty excited at first but then I kinda forget that I have a blog to update and it all goes down from there. But this time it'll be different! (Hopefully)

I've always wanted to make a blog about fashion/beauty/cool trips/all that stuff; just a place to write about what I like and enjoy the most, you know? So I decided to turn this blog into my most personal treasure and share my thoughts with you all. There will probably be tons of pictures too since I love photography, and music. Lots of music.

So...shall we start?

As you might see, my first entry goes to this new year!
2014 is been a really weird year for me. Not my worst, definitely not my best. It's been just...there.

I started the year with pretty high expectations and singing All Time Low's song "Weightless" like every single year...but it didn't work. I wanted to make 2014 my year. I felt like I was ready to let myself grow and become who I really wanted to be, but I guess I was wrong.

I learnt a lot, though.
I learnt about things I love such as fashion, literature, music, languages, flowers...people. I learnt so much about people. This last year has taught me that you don't actually know anyone. No matter how you met them or what you know about them, they're not showing themselves. At least, not every part of them. And I guess I already knew that, but at the same time, I guess I didn't want to know.

I've been disappointed by so many friends, family members and simply strangers this feels bizarre to think about all the moments I've thought "holy shit, you weren't like this when I met you. What happened?". Life happened, I suppose.

But I'm not gonna focus on sad memories, those people know what they've done, even if they pretend they don't. Some of them are out of my life now (thank you very much), and others are still a huge part of it. Either way, thank you. You guys made me stronger.

That said...I have to mention that this year I've met awesome people. People that love the same things I do, people that make me laugh like there's no tomorrow, people who I've seen crying of happiness...incredible people that I wouldn't change for anything. I hope you all know who you are, and I hope you know how much you mean to me. Even if we spent hours together and we didn't see each other again, thank you.

Also, thanks to those who are still in my life after years and years of keeping up with me. I know it's not easy, but you're still here, so...thank you.
I cannot mention every single one of you because it would take me centuries (and I'm afraid of forgetting someone), but if I know you from more than a year and you're still in my life (one way or another), this is for you.

And last but not least...I need to thank my mum.
I know she isn't going to read this because she doesn't understand the internet + she doesn't know English, but I gotta say thank you because she's the best mum of the whole world. I know almost everybody says the same thing about their mothers, but I truly mean it. I've never met someone so strong, charismatic and incredible like her. My biggest inspiration. Sometimes she gets on my nerves but I love her an awful lot.

Here's to a wonderful new year full of crazy adventures and happiness.

That's a wrap!
Bye bye, 2014.

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you make this the best year of your life. Please remember that no matter what you're doing; whether you're working, or studying, or both, or none; you're breathing and that's amazing. No matter if you're single, or in a happy relationship, or playing around; you're still here and that's so nice. No matter how many times you cry or how many times you think you won't be able to do it; believe me, you will. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. You're strong and wonderful and loved. Don't ever forget that.

PS. Gotta be clear; English is not my first language, so I'll make mistakes...oops, sorry.



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