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I haven't updated this blog in three weeks because I've been quite busy (and mostly, lazy) but I'm back!! If you actually read me, sorry for being such a lazy ass.

Anyways, the good news are that since I'm posting this on a Monday, I'll update this blog every Monday! Updating on Thursdays was pretty weird (honestly, who likes Thursdays? They're in the middle of the week...boring.). Also, I already know what I'll be talking about next week, so no worries about me officially becoming the worst 'blogger' ever again.

I had no idea of what to write about, but my lovely friend Stephy (who also started a blog, you can read her here) gave me a great idea: celebrities' fashion at awards shows. Since I hadn't writen anything about fashion yet and it's "award season", I thought it was an amazing idea; but then I realized that I didn't want to make a HUGE entry, so I decided to just comment some increible (and not that incredible) SAG Awards's outfits.

Let's get down to bussiness.

So, I picked fifteen outfits; a few that I really loved, and a few that I thought were...interesting choices. And I divided them into blokes, here it goes!

1. Women in white.

Reese Witherspoon: wearing a custom Giorgio Armani; one-shoulder gown with matte sequin detailing and a deep scoop back. Quite simple, but in my opinion, gorgeous. Maybe it's because she's stunning, but I usually like "crazy" dresses and this one, as ordinary as it is, caught my attention. It's a yes from me.

Viola Davis: wearing a white Max Mara gown that shows off her body, accessorized with Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. She looked amazing. I'm not going to lie, a part of me is saying this because I freaking admire this woman, but no one can deny that she looked that good.

Natalie Dormer: wearing a one-shoulder Naeem Kham gown with a multicolored floral print, accessorized with Kimberly McDonald jewelry. When I first saw her look, I thought "well, the dress is pretty, but she could do better"...I mean, that woman is astonishingly beautiful, she could wear a plastic bag and still look hot. So yes, I liked it, but I'm not that in love with this one.

2. I adore them, but definitely not my favourites.

Emilia Clarke: wearing a navy and black banded jersey gown by Donna Karan Atelier. I've got a crush on this women since I started watching 'Games of Thrones' because can you not? But in this case, that dress doesn't do it for me. It's not horrendous, it's not something that I'd burn...but it's not a dress that I'd love to wear, or that I think genuinely suits her.

Laverne Cox: wearing a champagne Johanna Johnson satin gown with a Judith Leiber clutch, and Forevermark diamonds. Another woman I truly admire, but again, not exactly her best choice. I think the dress is pretty, and she looks amazing on it, but...same thing as Emilia, she could look so much better (we've seen her blowing our minds with some outfits). Not too good, not too bad.

Natasha Lyonne: wearing a Proenza Schouler sparkle top and a black column skirt. Just like Reese, Natasha wore a simple outfit, nothing out of the ordinary...and that, in my opinion, it's exactly what happened to her; she looked good, okay, nice, but I don't know, I guess she just wasn't one of my favourites.

3. Red is trend.

Gwendoline Christie: wearing a Giles plunging red satin gown with a full skirt. Look, I'm so in love with how that dress looks on her, you can't even imagine. It's not the prettiest dress I've seen, but god, she really knows how to show it off. I read that people didn't really like it, but I honestly loved it. Simply stunning.

Diane Guerrero: wearing a red plunging column gown by Jill Stuart that shows a lot of cleavage and really suits her. Well, what can I say? She's undeniably attractive; gorgeous face and hot body, and that dress looked great on her. Nice choice.

Sofia Vergara: wearing a sizzling red gown with sheer paneling by Donna Karan Atelier. I don't even know what to say...she's just, wow. She looked so so gorgeous. I really like the dress, it's definitely something that I'd like to wear (even tho I'd look ridiculous wearing it), and it's definitely something she rocks.

4. Short people can be hot too.

Sarah Hyland: wearing a custom Vera Wang Collection black and silk gown with a sheer tulle overlay with a jeweled bodice that seemed to add the perfect amount of sparkle. When I saw her, my first impression was "short girls are cute and adorable? This girl looks hot as fuck". And then I thought "oh, and she shows how you don't need big boobs to rock a dress like that". So, my opinion? I loved it.

Maisie Williams: wearing a red tea-length dress by Azaelea with gold heels. I truly am so in love with that dress. From the minute I saw it, I was just like "HOLY MOLY, I WANT THAT DRESS", because it's a mix between adorable girl and elegant woman. Just perfect. I'm not so sure about the heels tho, I guess it's a matter of taste, but I hate those kind of heels.

Kelly Osbourne: wearing a leopard hi-low Elisabetta Franchi skirt with a black top, accessorized with Dana Rebecca Designs jewelry. The thing about this gorgeous woman, is that she owns this sexy wild style that I love. I know that a lot of people don't really like it, but I honestly think that she shows what fashion is about. She combines all different kinds of textures and crazy prints and stuff that you don't usually like, but she wears it with such a confidence, that you see her and you just think "wow, I wish I could rock that outfit like she does". At least that's what happens to me. A+.

5. Bow down to the queens.

Lupita Nyong'o: wearing a long sleeve Elie Saab gown and accessorized with Sophia Webster heels. HOW. DOES. THIS. WOMAN. ALWAYS. LOOK. LIKE. A. MOTHERFUCKIN. PRINCESS. Honestly, tell me the secret because I really need to know. She wore the kind of dress I adore; long, wavy, colorful...but if any other person wore it, I probably wouldn't be as in love as I am right now. I guess she knows what suits her and what looks amazing on her. And her smile is a huge plus, you just fall for it.

Emma Stone: wearing a Dior couture tuxedo inspire esemble with a sheer skirt that displayed a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. I don't even wanna talk about it. Like, who do I have to pay to become Andrew Garfield so I can date this woman? He's so lucky.
What should I say? Look at her, simply look at her. She's incredibly gorgeous, her make-up looked on point and the outfit is so elegant...I loved it. Stunning as always, and definitely my favourite of the night.

Emmy Rossum: wearing a Giorgio Armani Prive top and full gold skirt that was covered with Swarovski crystals and gray crinoline. Since I asked to be Andrew Garfield, could I sell my soul to become this woman too? Dude. She doesn't need to wear the most amazing dress in the world because she is so fucking beautiful that everything looks good on her. Literally everything. I found the dress pretty and delicate in a way. You go girl, you go.

And here ends my suffering, kiddos.
(Too many good looking people, I need to recover)

P.S: thanks to my friend Stephy!!! She even made me a list with some outfits, she's the best.

Have a nice week!



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