Happy Mondayyyy!
Yeah, I know, mondays aren't the definition of 'happy' but you gotta be positive!

I've been changing the topic for today's entry all week and I'm so sleepy right now...I can sense this is going to be a kinda lame post, so bear with me.

As I said last week, I already had a topic, but when I was thinking about writing this yesterday (which is actually, like, right it?), I was too lazy to make the entry about what I had in mind. I thought about another thing to talk about, and that thing was my closet! I wanted to show you (ghost readers) some of my favourite clothing items and the simple idea made me excited. But then again, I had to take pictures of the clothes, maybe a few other pictures with me wearing them, edit all the pics...and that is a lot of work when you're extremely tired.

After all of that, I came back to the original topic!
Which, I guess you know what is about just by reading the tittle.

Nowadays, youtubers are everywhere. And when I say 'everywhere', I literally mean everywhere. It's kind of creepy, even. No matter where you go, or what you're watching, there's a youtuber there. When did this happen?

I'm one of those people who were absolutely obsessed with all the youtubers when the whole BOOM started and I watched almost all of them. I still don't know why, giving that I actually dislike the mayority of them now, but it was years ago and I didn't think much, did I?

I know it sounded like I hate youtubers now, which I definitely don't. There are people in that community that make me smile and inspire me a lot, but at the same time, I feel like there are others that get tons of attention when they don't really deserve it? Maybe "deserve" is not the right verb, let's switch it to "earn". I feel like people make certain youtubers famous when it doesn't seem like they're earning their success. 

As we all know, youtube has changed a lot of lives.
It gives people the opportunity to share their opinion, to show their talent or simply to be themselves in front of a camera. I find that amazing, but lately I feel like all of that isn't happening. We are not giving new people the chance to make it with their music or their acting/video skills, because we see a cute boy trying to be funny and we make him famous. I said "we", even when I'm not a part of it, but whatever.

I'm not giving any names (pretty easy to know, but meh) because I want to focus on two youtubers that I really like, but please, don't make someone famous just because they're pretty or cute or a boy; make them work for it.

Think about it, is it fair to make someone a "famous youtuber" because they sit in a room and look nice, when there are other people out there working their asses off to upload a great video with actual content? It isn't, and you know it.

Anyways, about those who I really like...

I follow a few youtubers at the moment, but I just wanna talk about two guys that have always been there. I mean, since I started watching their videos, I've never thought "duh, this is boring" or "I don't wanna watch your videos anymore". They keep showing me why they are my favourites.

You already know who they are because of the picture but yeah, let's mentally applaud for Charlie McDonnell and Caspar Lee!

I wanted to write about them not just because they both are the youtubers that I like the most, but because they both are, in my opinion, extremely underrated. And here are the reasons why.

Charlie McDonnell, also known as charlieissocoollike, is an English vlogger that started his channel in April 3, 2007. Yes, 2007, when nobody actually cared about youtube for more than music videos and stuff.

He was the first youtuber I ever watched, (that was ages ago) and I can proudly say that I still watch his videos with the same enthusiasm as I did the first day. 

Fun fact: on 2011, he became the first youtuber in the UK to reach one million subscribers. How crazy is that? 2011 was the year when almost all the youtubers that are famous now were starting their channels, and Charlie had already reached one million subscribers.

I started watching his videos because he was funny and always made me laugh. They were just for a small audience until they weren't anymore and he started becoming "famous"; that's when he made a section called "Challenge Charlie" where he made challenges that people had suggested. You should watch them, they're also pretty fun.

The thing is that he wasn't just "funny and cute", he was, is, so much more.
Every time you watch one of his videos, you can tell how much he loves making them and spending his time working on them. They're not something that you do in two minutes to get it out of the way, they show dedication, and that's definitely what made me adore him.

In November 9, 2012 and after a month or so since his last video, he posted this video telling his viewers how he felt about his life in that moment, and I've never felt so related to someone who had nothing to do with me before.

If you don't want to watch the video, which would be a mistake because it's totally worth it, he said, and I quote; "I find myself terrified to create, like genuinely scared."

The moment I heard that, I was like "holy shit, I know that feeling". I'm not a youtuber, I don't make videos, but I write. And I don't mean it like "I write this blog once a week, I'm a writer.", I mean it like, I write almost every day. I love writing; one day I might write a story, two days later, a shitty poem. I don't care what it is, I just love the feeling I get when I start filling a blank space with my words.

But like any other person who does something like writing, I get those stupid moments where I'm completely blocked. I wanna do it, but I can't. I keep pushing, but it's not working. That's why when I heard those words coming from Charlie's mouth, a guy who I admired and honestly thought had it easy with his videos, I realised how alike we were. 

That video made me like him even more, if that was possible. Because it's cool to watch funny videos and challenges and stuff like that, it's nice to learn what's best for our skin and how to do our makeup, but it's so difficult to see the real person that's behind the camera. No youtuber persona, no hiding. That's what he did and that's why you should watch that video, it'll warm your heart, I promise.

The answer to that video was overwhelming. You can't even imagine the amount of people who showed him their support (me included) and told him how inspiring he was. There are a lot of video responses out there reminding him that being scared is normal and they all showed how important he is in the community. I don't even know how he felt when he saw what people really think of him, but I felt the love, so...I'm pretty sure he felt amazing.

Anyways, I think I'm writing a little too much, oops.
I just wanted to let you all know how incredible Charlie is, and maybe you'll give him a chance if you don't already know him. He also makes short films and that kind of stuff. Take a look at his work, you won't be disappointed!!!

Caspar Lee, also known as dicasp, is a South African vlogger that started his channel in November 10, 2011.

I can't even remember how I found his channel or why I started watching his videos but thanks god I did it. The first video of his I ever watched was this one. It lasts 57 seconds, but I guess I fell in love? I mean, who doesn't have a thing for guys that love their mum so much? That video is freaking adorable.

So, I watched all the videos he had (like six at the time)...and I'm not gonna lie, they weren't good. There wasn't actual content in them, he wasn't doing anything too special but I liked him. As I said before, I don't know why, but I subscribed to his channel and I'm more than happy to say that I don't regret it at all.

Over the past few years, he's changed so so much.
He's still the same tall sassy guy who loves South Africa way too much; he's still funny and nice; he still makes videos that make you laugh no matter how many times you watch them; but he is serious about what he is doing. I'm not saying he wasn't back them, but I can actually see all the work he puts on his videos now.

And you know what? It feels amazing to see all his progress. Even tho I don't know him (somebody should change that, just saying), sometimes I feel like I've seen one of my friends grow up and achieve his dreams little by little. I feel like he's one of the living examples of how much you can change your life if you want it enough.

He wanted to make videos, to become a youtuber: he did.
He wanted to make better videos and impress more people: he did.
He wanted to do something related to comedy: he did. He is working on it.
He is earning all these new projects and opportunities and that couldn't make me prouder. It's nice to see a humble person who deserves good things, actually getting them.

I don't want to make this entry extremely long (I think I already did, but whatever), so I'm gonna cut this short by recommending you one of my favourite videos of his.

This is a recent video from just a few months ago, September 10, 2014 to be exact, and I could probably watch it a hundred times and still feel as proud as I felt when he first posted it.

I like that video so much because I find it inspiring, and I guess we can settle that I love it when other people make me feel inspired with what they do.

He took all his fears, tried to push them away and he worked on something he really likes, which I think it's admirable. It takes a lot of courage to step out of the comfortable bubble we create through years and challenge yourself. I'd say it's one of the most scariest things to do, and he did it. 
He did his best and I was (still am), so so so happy for him. It's satisfaying to see how happy the people who make you happy, are!

I know you all probably know him, but please, if you don't, give him a chance, he's amazing. He even has a role in the upcoming Spongebob Movie, how freaking cool is that?
I wanna be his friend so bad, this is weird.

That's it!
I know this was long even though I made Caspar's part pretty short (believe me, I could talk about him for days), sorry about that. I just thought it'd be nice to show you people who deserve so much more that they got.

Also, quick mention to Jack and Finn Harries, who are making an incredibly good job with the new thematic of their channel. I'm loving it, check it out.

So...what do you think? Is youtube going crazy? 

Have a nice week!!!



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