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I was one hundred percent sure that I was going to write this entry about my top 10 movies, but I've been so obsessed with PLL these last few days that I can't help but dedicate this to this freaking show.

If you don't watch it, I'm sorry, you can simply ignore me (but come back next week!!! Please?).
If you watch it but aren't keeping up with it, I guess it's better if you ignore me too. I'm gonna try to make this spoiler-free but who knows.
If you watch it and can't wait for the last episode...stay here. Read my theories, cry with me because I know you're extremely frustrated too.

Okay, where do I start?
The season finale is tomorrow and I can't even remember the last time I was so excited about a PLL episode. Maybe it's because I truly believe what Marlene said and knowing they're going to give us a HUGE clue that will lead us to Big A, makes me feel all kind of emotions. I mean, we've been waiting YEARS for this moment, I don't even know how we survived. But we're getting answers real soon and I wanted to share my top 3 suspects...because if I'm right, I need evidence.

(I'm probably wrong but it's okay because people won't read this)

Show time.

1. Aria.

Listen, when I first started watching this show, I automatically crossed the liars off my list because well, it's the logical thing to do. But then, when everything got complicated and we knew literally nothing, I wondered "why not? why couldn't one of the liars be 'A'? It'd be the biggest shock ever if one of them turned out to be this mean person.". And that, ladies and gentleman, would be awesome. 

Like, think about it; the girls are being tortured by someone, and that someone knows every single move they make. What if it's actually one of them? My first bet was Spencer because she's the smartest of all of them, but when the whole Radley thing happened, it was pretty obvious to me she wasn't A. My mind is going crazy right now and it's trying to make her a suspect again, I hate this show.

Anyway, my next bet was Aria. Simply because I don't think Hanna could do something that mean and Emily is just...well, Emily. (If she's A by any chance, I'm gonna be extremely disappointed. I don't really like her so I won't even care). Aria is smart, the best liar and has a great imagination, and that's why I picked her.

And then I made the big mistake of going to tumblr.
I logged in and I started reading theories about her. I spent hours reading why she could be A, I shit you not. And at the end of it, I was truly convinced. There are so many theories out there that make sense, it's ridiculous

My favourite one is the one that says she has a multiple personality disorder
Based on her family's history of mental illness (Biron's brother), it's possible and it'd make sense if she has some sort of disorder too, and her other self is doing all of this but she's not aware.

I LOVE that theory because it'd be mind-blowing to see her as A and also because I want the show to dig into a mental illness. I don't like the "she's not aware" part that much tho, but I'll take it. A could be Aria's alter. Marlene also said that we'll feel compassion towards A once we know his/her/their motives...and honestly, after all A has done, what would make you feel bad for him/her/them? I'd feel pretty bad if it's all caused by a mental illness that the person can't control and has no idea what's happening. That'd be devastating. 

Imagine Aria not only discovering that she has a mental disorder (which it's something difficult to take), but also being told that she's A. That would be crazy and sad and simply amazing. I don't want her to suffer that much because she's one of my favourite characters, but...please, miss Aria, be A.

(If she's not, she's got a lot of sketchy stuff to explain)

Btw, I'm not writing every single thing that makes people think she's A because you can't even imagine the amount of shit you can find. If you wanna go crazy, search for proof on tumblr. It will drive you nuts.

So, do I believe Aria is A? Maybe. Fifty-fifty
Do I want her to be? YES.

2. Toby.

One of my favourite characters seems like I want to suffer.

The thing with Toby is that he just disappears and then comes back out of nowhere. And I know it could mean nothing, Keegan has projects and maybe they simply give him the time he needs and that's why we didn't see Toby as much as I'd like sometimes, but you know, this is 'Pretty Little Liars' and I don't believe in coincidences here.

In season 3, when all the "Toby is dead" drama happened, Emily was looking for him and she got a text telling her to meet him at a certain place. When she goes there, Toby is nowhere to be found, but there's this guy who automatically knows who she is, which means Toby mentioned her or something like that. But whatever, that's not my point.

That place, whatever it was, was surrounded by wood and things related to construction. We know Toby likes architecture, he's really into it, but so is A. I mean, A has built a dollhouse for the girls after all...that must take time (two seasons) and help. Toby was "dead", he had time, and he had "friends" (or minions) there doing stuff. 

And now that A is taking the girls to the dollhouse, Toby is thinking about not being a cop anymore, which will leave him with a lot of time on his hands. It's suspicious. Why would he quit all of sudden? As much as I'd like to believe it, I don't buy the whole "Spencer, you're more important than my job" crap. He's been doing NOTHING as an actual officer, just making coffee errands for Tanner and the others...which is freaking sketchy too. If that's all he did, why didn't he have time for his girlfriend or his friends? What kept him so occupied all the time? Weeeeeeeird...

Also, he's been there since the beggining, he was manipulated by Ali, he got hurt (and arrested) because of the liars...revenge could be his motive. And probably something bigger, but the possibility is there. And he worked with A "to protect Spencer", but once he wanted to stop, he just did. With no consequences. That's not how A works, you can't be a part of the A Team and get an easy way out. Unless you're A and you're not actually out. You're the fucking boss.

It wouldn't be as shocking as Aria being A, but honestly, even when he's my number two suspect, I'd still feel pretty betrayed. FOR GOD'S SAKE I LOVE TOBY, A LOT OF PEOPLE DO. Which also leads me to the fact that if he's A, we would almost instantly feel bad for him. And once they explain his motives, everybody would feel compassion. I can see that happening.

I remember when we found out how he was part of the Team...did we hate him? Not really, we just felt hurt because he was our sweet Toby. Actually, the first thing we all said was "nah, I'm pretty sure he's just helping them. He got into the Team because he wants to protect Spencer, he's not a bad person.". We defended him. We cried for him. What if he's been fooling us all this time?

So, do I believe Toby is A? Kind of. Sometimes I strongly believe it.  
Do I want him to be? I guess...I mean, if there's a good explanation after all...

3. Wren.

Listen, maybe it's because I miss seeing his handsome face, but this guy is someone. Don't tell me otherwise, he's extremely suspicious. 

He was in the first episode (Marlene said that A was part of the pilot), making us fall for his british accent and his sexy voice...which is not important, but I had to say it because holy shit, that guy. Anyway, he was there, he has access to medical records and autopsy  results, things that A has manipulated before. Not to mention that A needs to be someone with a fair amount of money, and Wren definitely has it. 

Just as Aria, Wren could have some sort of disorder too. I think he even said he has OCD? And A seems to have OCD too, judging by the way he/she/they organize everything. 

What else...he's an old guy, we all know Ali loves old guys. Maybe he's one of her lovers, and she did something to him/his family/knows a huge secret about him and he wants her to suffer. Or maybe he's somehow related to Bethany Young. I don't even know...I just think he's hiding something, and that something is important. 

Last thing I'm gonna mention about Wren (this one is short but I'm dying because of period cramps and I feel like hell right now); when Spencer is in London, everybody noticed how Wren was supposed to be there but he wasn' least as Wren, because A was present. I also noticed Spencer is seen on a laptop with a circle in the middle of it (I think it was a circle but I'm not sure) and it's the exact same laptop that is seen in the A Lair. It wasn't Spencer's nor Melissa's because we've already seen those and they aren't like that one, and it wasn't Melissa's flatmate's laptop because he's irrelevant. Who else lives there? Wren.

So, do I believe Wren is A? He's a suspect, and my gut says YES
Do I want him to be? HELL FUCKING YEAH. 

That's all.
We'll know the Big Answer tomorrow!!!
(if they're playing with us and we don't actually get to know who A is, I might die.)

P.S. You need to read this theory about Lucas. He's one of my top suspects too, but I didn't want to write anything about him since I didn't come up with any of this. For real, read it, it's amazing and it makes so much sense. I think he could be A and I'd love him to be A if he is because of what's explained in this post. Here, read read read.

Have a nice week!!!



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