Last week's entry was a little...different, I know. And yeah, I mean "vague" and "simple" but I was in a really bad mood and I felt like sleeping all day through. I didn't want to update, but I promised myself I'd keep up with this blog so I posted that little text.

Anyway, I'm back with something that a few people requested (people ACTUALLY read me, I'm ?!?!), and that's a look inside my closet!

The thing is...even though I always wear the same, I've got a lot of clothes. I tend to keep old clothes to try and recicle them or simply because I'm emotionally attached to them. I know, I need to stop that. So I didn't actually pick all my favourite items, I just chose a few of them and tried some outfits on. That way, I'll be able to show more faves in the future!

Let's go for it.

1. Jeans jeans jeans.

Section number one is dedicated to jeans/pants/trousers/whatever you call it. I'm not gonna lie, I love skirts an awful lot (now that I think about it, I didn't include them on this post...next time), but there's nothing more comfortable than a pair of jeans.

This is the first look I wanted to show you and I'd probably be lying if I said those shorts aren't the cutest pair I own. I don't wear them much because they're very short and I don't feel as comfortable as I should with my legs, but I love them.

I gotta say that I'm obsessed with floral clothes, so maybe that's why I like them so much. They weren't too expensive (like 15€?) and you can wear them with simple shirts/blouses. The one I'm wearing here was 1€; yes, ONE. And the flower crown was home-made (by my best friend's mum), but I think you can find cute ones for like 5€! I'd learn to make them before I have to pay 5€, to be honest...

For the record, I don't know what the hell I'm doing in the first picture, I think I was dancing? 

Three different looks because I had these old pictures waiting to be used:

Picture one: cat jumper (really comfy, extremely cute) that was like 12€ and high waisted jeans (10€, I bought them when high waisted jeans weren't so freaking expensive). Those jeans are definitely my favourite pair, they're nice and comfortable! AND HIGH WAISTED, SOMETHING THAT I LOVE WITH MY WHOLE HEART. I don't even know what to write about them, you can wear them with whatever you want, they always look good.

Picture two: grey Led Zeppelin shirt (birthday present, but I found one for sale and it was like 8€), denim jacket that I have no clue how much it was since I stole it from my father, black scarf from ages ago and denim shorts shorts. Like, WEIRDLY short. I bought them a few years ago because they were high waisted (I told you, I love high waisted jeans...) and I still love them but it'd be nice if they weren't that short, that's why I wore black tights with them. 

Picture three: blink-182 shirt, 20€, which is too much for a shirt but I bought it at their concert so I was so excited I didn't care about its price, and black shorts...kinda? I say 'kinda' because they were yoga pants but I cut them. I don't even wear them now, but I thought they'd look great with that shirt. I chose them because I'm in need of black jeans and I wanted to show how good they look with everything!

2. Dungarees are everything and you know it.

It makes me so happy to see that people are wearing them again! Even if that means that I can't buy one because they're too expensive. Thanks god I used to wear dungarees a few years ago...

This picture makes me feel so weird...it looks like I have a twin and the nice one is all cute and smily while the evil one is bitter and sassy. Not sure which one I am...anyway!

I can't tell you how much that dungaree cost me because I have it since I was twelve years old. Yes, I'm telling the truth, it's from seven years ago and I wear it sometimes. So what?! I've got no money to buy a new one (I'd love a long leg one) and this one still fits! 

The thing I adore about them is that you can wear them with whatever type of shirt you want and it looks great! Cute shirts like the one I'm wearing in those pictures are my favourite option, but crop tops look amazing too.

Or you could also wear your dungaree with a striped shirt!! There's NO WAY it'd look bad. I don't know how, but striped shirts make everything look better. Short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless...it doesn't matter as long as it has stripes.

Oh, and guess what makes everything better too? Hats! 
I know a lot of people hate fedoras but deep in your soul, you know they make every single outfit cooler. Don't lie to yourself.
(I look like April from 'Parks and Recreation' in the second picture, aka like a professional killer.)

3. Pretty dresses.

When I started looking for some of my favourite dresses, I realised that I've got an insane amount of them. For real, I didn't know I had so many?? I guess you could say I'm obsessed with dresses too! And I love all of them, so I simply decided to show you the two purchases I made these past few weeks.

First we've got this one that I bought a few weeks ago and it was 15€.
I don't usually spend so much in dresses because I'm broke as hell but I've been desperate for a black and white checked dress for ages and when I saw it...well, it felt like it was a freakin' miracle. I had to buy it

I haven't wore it yet because I'm waiting for summer but it's one of my favourites already. Wear it with whatever you want, it'll make you feel cute. I promise.

(I think it'd go great with knee-high socks or one of those cute patterned tights)

My mum bought me this one last week (18€) and I have such a love-hate relationship with it.

I love it because of obvious reasons...it's a gorgeous dress with a simetric pattern, perfect for "special" occasions. It's elegant and classy...and I'm not gonna lie, it makes you feel sexy. But then, when I'm feeling sexy and free (thank you, Jessie J), my hate for it appears.

How could I hate a dress like that? You might ask. Well, it's not h a t e, it's just, a big deal for me. I never wear dresses like this one; short dresses so tight that it's difficult to breathe sometimes, because I'm not that confident about my body. It took me hours to buy it, and when I finally did it and wore it the next day for my friend's birthday, most of the time I just wanted to hide it with my coat because I was so self-concious!

Yes, it's a favourite, but it's also a challenge for me.
Actually, posting these pictures is a challenge too because I look like an idiot, but I'm trying to push myself and I'm working on my confidence, so. 
(I love the one in the middle tho, my bun was on point)

4. Flannels are everywhere.

I gotta say I'm not the biggest flannel fan out there, I don't usually wear them but I stole the one I'm about to show you from my father (hey, a boyfriend to steal clothes from would be nice, just saying) and I made three outfits out of it! Short people: pay attention, you're gonna love this one.

This is what I meant when I said that short people were going to love this: you can wear flannels as dresses! Same thing with certain jackets...the perks of being tiny. If they're long enough, you can wear them with low boots or vans or whatever shoes you think would suit you best. And if they're long but not that long, you can wear super short shorts (like the ones I showed before) just in case. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL?!?!

Looking at those pictures made me realise that some days I look 20 years old and others I look 12. Most days I look 12. It's frustrating.

(Yes, I've got blue eyebrows in the right picture...it was an experiment.)

Look two is pretty common: black shirt (probably 3€), high waisted shorts (10€) and stolen flannel.
It's a pretty easy outfit since we all have at least a pair of shorts and a plain shirt! And I know that most people own flannels and they don't have to look into their family's closet.

By the way, don't ask me why I look like I want to murder someone in some pictures. It's my face, I can't help it.

Last one! Also convinient for short people!

We might have trouble with daily activities due to our lack of height, but we can rock long shirts!!! Once again, wear clothes that aren't dresses, as a dress. I've got this long black shirt (don't know how much it was because it's been in my closet since forever) that looks kind of shitty when I wear it with jeans because it's way too long, so I wear it as a dress. And when you add the flannel and the fedora...bam! Killer outfit.

For all the tall people here: the shirt I'm wearing on those pictures would look like a normal shirt on you, but there are long shirts avaliable in almost every store, no worries. I actually want one of those because they're huge and comfy.

...that's all!
I apologize for so many pictures with my face on them...it was a long entry. I hope you like it tho!

Have a nice week!!!



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