Hello? Can anybody hear me?
It's been so long since I last wrote an entry that I feel like the tiny amount of people that read me, are gone. I'm sorry, but I've been really busy working and I haven't stopped since I came back home. I have time and energy now, so here I am, writing about a serious topic; body shaming.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

I don't know how to start, this is such an important topic to me that I don't want to forget a thing. Okay, maybe I should start explaining why I'm making this entry.

A few days ago, I logged in on twitter and there was drama. Nothing new, I must say.
This drama involved Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, and to be honest, I could not bother with it. I'm no fan of any of them (even though I love Taylor's music and Nicki's personality) and I didn't have the time to look into it. But people...oh god, some of you were getting on my nerves.

As I just told you, I wasn't aware of the problem, but I saw some people saying that skinny girls don't have any problems when it comes to their bodies, that skinny shaming wasn't a real thing. The moment I read that, I was furious. Like, literally. I could not believe some of the stuff I was reading and I had to rant a little. But a little wasn't enought because I still am mad about it and I still see people saying incoherent things. So, this is it, my extended opinion on the matter.

"Body shaming is defined as inappropiate negative statements and attitutes toward another person's weight or size."

That, my friends, is body shaming. We've got two types:

  1. Fat shaming; the one that everybody accepts as a problem and is aware that we need to end it.
  2. Skinny shaming; the one that seems to be invisible to a lot of people even when it really does exist.

Now, I'm not going to deny that being skinny is what society has stated as "the right way to be". It's a fact. Most people want to be skinny because every single day, that message is sold to us. And it's also a fact that fat shaming is more obvious. So, yes, you could say that in today's society, being skinny is easier or whatever, but that doesn't mean that skinny shaming is an imaginary thing.

I've seen a lot of people suffering because they don't want to be skinny and people keep telling them to "shut up because they've got no right to complain". I've heard people tell my friends that "you don't eat much, do you?"; "nah, whatever you do, you don't gain weight, so."; "what size are you? I could fill your jeans with one arm". I've been told that "I looked at your legs and I felt disgusted.". Please, tell me again how skinny shaming is not real. C'mon.

If those situations were something like this: "you eat a lot, don't you?"; "nah, whatever you do, you don't lose weight, so."; "what size are you? I could fill one of your jean's legs with both of mine"; "I looked at your legs and I felt disgusted.", would that be body shaming? Would you consider those things fat shaming if they were said to curvy people? YES AND YES. Because of course it is body shaming.

My question is, what's the difference then? How come you consider one thing body shaming and the other is not real? Are those normal comments? Is it okay for you to say those things to skinny people? Think about it and if the answer is still "yes", that shows a lot of the kind of person you are.

I'm obviously proud of the way things are kind of changing. People determined to stop fat shaming, not afraid of showing their curves, PROUD AND HAPPY with their bodies. That's incredible

I am one of those people and I cannot even tell you how good it feels to see other people doing the same thing. But my point is that society always has a way to criticize you. I've never felt comfortable with my body because I felt fat, and for years, I've bought that slogan saying "being fat is a bad thing". I was one of society's puppets and I'm still dealing with it, but there's a huge difference now: I know I'm not fat, I just need to learn how to love myself, but if I was indeed fat, what? What's the problem? There's nothing wrong with that. (Unless you're unhappy or unhealthy)

So, as I was saying, I spent years dealing with that, and when I finally reached the weight I wanted, someone close to me (and I clarify this because it wasn't someone from the internet, it wasn't some stranger, it was someone I love) told me that I've lost a lot of weight and they didn't like my body. This person told me, and I quote, that I "should eat more cake" because I "really needed it". Yes, this was the same person that calmly told me how disgusting my legs are.

And it hurt, of course it did. 
In that moment, all I could think was "I'm either too fat or too skinny, it doesn't matter if I'm happy because people will always say something". And that's it, that's the thing. Body shaming exists, and being skinny doesn't save you from it; trust me.

So please, open your eyes.
Be aware of how the world works and don't help society with the "blaming others" thingy. Embrace curves, but don't bring people with no curves down; embrace small waists, but don't bring people with big waists down. We should embrace what we have because every single body is beautiful, and there's nothing better than loving ourselves and empowering others to do the same.

In conclusion: don't listen to others, wear what you want. Embrace your body and spread body positivity instead of body shaming

Have a nice week!!!



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