Hi, I'm here again on this fine Monday!

Why am I so happy? You may ask. Well, I'm going to London in two days AND, if that's not enough, I'm seeing Halsey live! As you already know, I love her music and I adore her personality (or what we see of it), so I'm buzzing. I'll try to take tons of pictures and make videos and stuff to show you.

But now, let's get to work!
I wasn't actually planning on posting today because I had no interesting topic in mind and I didn't feel like sharing one of my writings, but I made a great choice last Tuesday: I watched Hannibal's last episode.

If you aren't familiar with Hannibal (shame on you), it's a TV show based on the novels duh and it focuses on the relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen). I don't think it's necessary for me to say who Dr. Lecter is, I mean...Hannibal, Cannibal...you put the dots together, right?

Anyway, said relationship is...complicated.
Since this entry is going to be full of spoilers because I'm going to recap (kind of) the finale, I guess there's no harm on telling you a few things from the past two seasons.

Here's the thing: Jack Crawford, head of the Behavioral Sciences Unit, recruits Will to help investigate a serial killer in Minnesota. What's so special about Will then? Well, this cute baby deer is an empath, which means that he can visualize himself committing the murders he investigates and feeling what the murderers felt at that time, that giving him the chance to understand the killers' behaviors.

Cute, huh? I told ya.
He loves dogs very much a lot.

Due to the way he works, Will has a huge weight on himself with the investigation and Jack decides to have him supervised by a phychiatrist, our dearest friend Dr. Lecter. What can I tell you about him? He is secretly a serial killer, specifically, a cannibal. He initially works to manipulate the FBI from within (and nope, nobody suspects of him even when his fucking name is HANNIBAL), but then he meets Will and he has this instant connection with him, a special bond. It's like he's really fascinated by the way Will can empathize with psychopathic murderers, so he starts pushing the boundaries of Graham's fragile sanity.

I know, he's attractive...we're fucked.

Still classy af while eating people.

Now that you know a little bit about the two main characters, it's time to talk about the finale.

It took me a while to watch season 3 because I watched the first two episodes and I wasn't feeling it. They were kind of boring and with really long dialogues, so I stopped watching until last week, when my friend Stephy told me how good the last episode was. I knew that if she loved the episode that much, I would too, because we both have very similiar taste. And...I was right, here I am. Writing about the finale because it was too damn good.


The episode opens with the Great Red Dragon (I don't have time to tell you his whole story but basically this creepy guy decides to become the Great Red Dragon and he's crazy and kills families) with Reba, his blind lover. He tells her he's the dragon and then sets the house on fire when she tries to run. Romantic.

Obviously you think she's going to die but guess what?! She's alive!! Thanks god, she's too precious to die. Anyway, we see her talking to Will later and we find out that the Dragon kills himself after setting the house on fire so they think people are safe yay happy days

And there's a scene between these two puppies with monster boyfriends (yes, I called Hannibal "Will's boyfriend", you'll understand later) that I love an awful lot:

Will: The people who study this kind of thing say that he was trying to stop because you helped him. Probably saved some lives. 
Reba: I drew a freak.
Will: You didn't draw a freak. You draw a man, with a freak on his back. There is nothing wrong with you.
Reba: I know there's nothing wrong with me. In making friends, I try to be wary of people who foster dependency and feed on it. I've been with a few. The blind attract them.
Will: Not just the blind.

After that chat, Will visits Hannibal (he is institutionalized because they catched him) and one of the many amazing things this show has, is photography and metaphors. We don't see Hannibal walking around the room he's locked in, we see different places of his mind. And for Will, he has a special mind palace reserved.

Hannibal tells him that he's sad because Will didn't kill the Dragon, but congratulates him on his success with Chilton. I feel sorry for him because he's been set up so many times...poor Frederick. I'd love to talk about him a little bit more, but I'm going to focus on Hannibal and Will. I leave you with this tho:


Back to the point, Hannibal tries to persuade Will to stay, saying "you can go home again. If there's a point. Is there any point?". Well, you know, Will is married and his wife has a son...Will has a family, ISN'T THAT A GOOD POINT? Will tells him this in his own way (giving him heart eyes) and then Hannibal says "when life becomes maddengly polite...think about me. Think about me, Will, don't worry about me." 
I love dying and being dead.

And now, when you think you're dead enough, Will goes and stabs you in your fucking heart by saying: "you turned yourself in so I would always know where you were. You'd only do that if I rejected you...goodbye."
And he puts his hand on the glass, ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME?!?!

Stop looking at him like he's your whole life ?????? I didn't ask for this.

But wait...there's more pain, the scene isn't over.
Hannibal looks pretty upset when he calls Will's name and asks if it was good to see him. Who the fuck asks that? Why are you doing this to me, wHY. And Will (who we've already established is really rude) replies "good? No." You are a fucking liar and you suck. Actually, both of you suck. My dick. Each others dick, but whatever.

Later, Will has a visitor...THE GREAT RED DRAGON! He faked his death (gotta say bravo, the plan was brilliant), and I guess he wanted to kill Will but he didn't know how fast Will could manipulate him, which he did. He makes him believe that he can meet Hannibal and kill him, and the next day he smoothly persuades Jack to set up a trap for the Dragon...when in reality, is all a plan to make Hannibal free. I HATE THEM.

Will tells Jack that their best option is to fake an escape blah blah blah...and I actually think they all know his real intentions, they all see his love for Hannibal so they're just playing dumb. (They can't be that dumb, for god's sake).

Then we see Will talking to Bedelia (I adore this gorgeous woman), telling her his plan, and she says something along the lines of 'you can't catch Hannibal again', to which Will replies this almost giving her a heart attack:

"I don't intend Hannibal to be caught a second time."

She seriously looks like she's about to die right there when Will says those words. I get it...I mean, Hannibal promised he would eat her after all. Once he's free, she's in danger.

Bedelia: Can't live with him, can't live without him. Is that what this is?
Will: I guess this is my becoming.
Bedelia: What you are becoming is pathological.
Will: Extreme acts of cruelty require a high degree of empathy.
Bedelia: You've just found religion. Nothing more dangerous than that.
Is this your way of letting me know that Hannibal is Will's religion? Somebody save me. Also, please make a Hannigram video with Hozier's 'Take me to Church' playing in the background.

Will: I'd pack my bags if I were you, Bedelia. Meat's back on the menu.
Bedelia: You righteous, reckless, twitchy little man.
Will: Ready or not, here he comes.

The cute little deer is a dark killer deer, Bedelia. Run away as fast as you can.
"Meat's back on the menu" - I'd probably tattoo this in my forehead if I could.

After that, Alana discusses the plan with Hannibal and he says he will only accept if Will says 'please'. So of course Will goes to do that and this wonderful conversation happens:

Hannibal: What was that you said? (heartbroken cannibal)
Will: You'd never have turned yourself in unless I rejected you.
Hannibal: Yes, that extra bit. I believe that's what they call a mic drop. You dropped the mic, Will, but here you are having to come back and pick it up again.
Will: I knew you would keep running if I kept chasing you. I knew you wanted me to know exactly where I could find you when I needed to.
Hannibal: And you did.
Will: I need you, Hannibal.
Hannibal: ...
Will: *awfully close* Please.

Why are you making that face !?!?! Stop it with the eyelashes thingy.

I personally loved Will here because he looks so confident and very very playful. He's enjoying every second of it, he knows he has Hannibal in the palm of his hand. And Hannibal knows it too. I cannot believe these two little shits were flirting like that in front of me. Show some respect, I wanna live.

Things are going according to the plan when the Dragon brutally attacks the police transport where Will and Hannibal are, giving Hannibal the opportunity to be free again. He picks up a cruiser, shoving the dead bodies aside like it's nothing! I guess it is nothing for someone who eats people, but still. Meanwhile, Will is like 'the fuck u doin', husband?' and before he gets in the car with Hannibal, Dr. Lecter has the audacity to say "going my way?". Could you stop flirting for one second? P l e a s e.

So, they go to Hannibal's Cliffside home since it's more intimate for killers and stuff.
We have an entire scene of these two talking about the cliff and how it is eroding, meaning that the rocks will gradually wear away. And even though it was beautiful, I was quite confused as why they were "wasting" their time talking about it when the Dragon was going to attack soon. Seems like the scene had a meaning after all, but I'll explain later.

What a view, huh? 

They finally go inside and Hannibal is all dressed up serving them exquisite wine. In case you weren't sure...that was totally a date.
And here we have another wonderful dialogue:

Hannibal: You intend to watch him kill me?
Will: I intend to watch him change you.

Honestly? Will needs to learn how to lie. We all know you wouldn't let anyone near Hannibal, you want him alive and with you. In your bed.

Hannibal: My compassion for you is inconvenient, Will. 
Will: If you're partial to beef products, it is inconvenient to be compassionate toward a cow.
Hannibal: Save yourself, kill them all?
Will: I don't know if I can save myself. Maybe that's just fine.  

I want them to know that a simple 'I love you'/'I love you too' is way easier than this.
A few seconds later Hannibal gets shot, the Dragon makes his magestic entrance and he also makes sure that Will stays. He tells Hannibal that he's going to kill him and he's going to record it, all of that while Will is drinking his wine. Hmmm, classy.

"I'm so happy you chose life, Francis. Suicide is the enemy. You were seized by a fantasy world with the brilliance and refreshness and immediacy of childhood. It took you a step beyond alone."

This quote said by Hannibal is so powerful and heartbreaking.
I love the way this show handles certain topics, such as the issue of mental illness. Full of painful truths, but with the necessary understanding for every character; good or evil.

Back to the story: Will is still sipping his wine and Hannibal keeps looking at him like ????, and when Will finally reaches for his gun, the Dragon stabs him in the face. Then the stabbing war begins, all you see is blood and drama.

Hannibal gets up, tries to save Will; Will gets up, tries to save Hannibal. Back and forth for a while and then here comes one of the best fucking scenes I've seen on a show. Nobody is going to read me ever again after I say how much I loved this brutal scene and how I truly enjoyed it.

E P I C.

Look at that!!!!!!
Murder husbands killing a dragon; three different criatures dancing with each other. Well, murder dancing? Oh, speaking of dancing...to make it even better, the scene has this perfect song. The mix of that amazing photography and the ideal song is mind-blowing. Flawless. Impeccable.

Communicating through creepy sexy eyes.

Understanding without a word.

Two seconds later, Hannibal rips the Dragon's throat with his teeth as Will tears his chest apart. That's what I call The Dream Team. They kill him and it's epic. It's amazing to watch, and as crazy as it sounds...SO beautiful.

THE "WINGS". This damn show and its details.

And now...more gay.
I cannot believe this actually happened, I don't even wanna say anything, I just wanna cry because they love each other so much.

*I wanted to share the beauty and horror with u, puppy*

*'cuz I luv u*

*love u 2, handsome*

At this point, I was obviously more than dead.
But they had more for me, they love to make me suffer.

*can I kiss u now?*


*Actually, I need to brush my teeth but lemme hold ya*

*I can't belif u r real n we r boyfriends*

*HUSBANDS, not boyfriends...my love*

Their faces kill me. They both look so peaceful...god, it's breath-taking.
And then Will jumps off the cliff with Hannibal in his arms. The moment I saw that, I was in awe, completely lost and astounded by its beauty. It's such a satisfying ending, I couldn't believe it was real.

They obviously had to prove me wrong.
After the credits, we see that Bedelia has her leg cut and cooked, the table is ready and she seems pretty scared as she reaches for a fork and hides it.

For the first two minutes I actually thought she had cut her own leg because she somehow believed that Hannibal would be back with her, so it was like a sacrifice for him. But then I realized that didn't make sense for a few reasons: Bedelia was really scared of Hannibal, she knew he loves Will and only Will, the table is set for three and she seems to be waiting to attack whoever cooked her.

We can assume then that Will and Hannibal survived, this is where the cliff talking scene becomes relevant. They jump and the live because the rocks erode. They fall in the water, not in the rocks. It's genious.

This is a long ass entry, I'm sorry. I got way too excited because of how much I love this show.

I can truly say that I've watched one of the best tv shows out there with two incredibly written and portrayed characters that I adore.
Sometimes when I try to explain the plot of this show, people think it's gross and creepy, but I think it was beautiful in every way possible. Everything about it is so beautifully done, my heart feels full of love.

I also find it interesting how this show has been, over its three seasons, the love story between Will and Hannibal. It's obviously not the typical love story, it's not explicit, but it's there since the beggining. It's an unconventional love story, full of horror, violence, passion and surreal imagery.

I'm extremely glad I got to watch this incredible piece of art.
Because that's what Hannibal is, a masterpiece.


Have a nice week!!!



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