It's Monday, I had an entry ready and then I read the news.

As plenty of people, I woke up, I logged in into my social media accounts and I saw a picture of Bowie with the caption "RIP". And I was like "what? What do you mean RIP? He isn't dead". I was genuinely confused because his death wasn't possible in my mind, he was David Bowie, he was immortal.

And then I kept reading and...fuck. Fucking fuck. FUCK.

I've been thinking whether or not to write this because it's been a while since I wrote something worth-reading. I love writing, you all know that, but lately, it's been a really difficult thing to do for me. Well, "lately". For the past two years.

I don't know what happened, or maybe I do; but every time I take my pen and it touches the paper, there's nothing. It's like I've got nothing to say, and that's a damn lie. I've got so many thoughts in my head begging me to let them escape through my writing, so many.

They bother me every minute I don't spend writing them or trying to, but I can't. I promised myself I wouldn't let anything take what I love the most away, and I've been trying to keep that promise. I write, of course I do, there's no way I could survive without filling blank spaces with ink that forms words that come directly from my veins. There's no fucking way I could do that.

But I don't get that feeling of rush whenever I type a new sentence, I don't have a long declaration written in five minutes like I used to. Things used to pour from my fingertips just like that; it was so easy to let myself go and enter a new world. Now things have changed.

Anyway, my point is that I don't know if I'm capable of writing anything worth somebody's attention right now, so it's scary to write a "tribute" to a legend when you're terrified of fucking it up. I really hope I don't though, and if I do, let it be known that I tried. But I must write this, because there's no other way for me to express what I'm feeling right now.

I've always thought that there are certain people who are art
There's no other way to describe them: they are art; they are magic, they are special. And I know a lot of people who are like that, people I've met, people I wish I could meet, people who died and people who I live with every day.

David Bowie was definitely one of those people.
I'm writing this and some tears are impossible to be stopped, but why? It's not like I knew him, it's not like I had a relationship of any kind with him, it's not like he ever talked to me and gave me advice. Well, let me tell you something:

I cry easily. I always have and always will. But I don't need to have direct contact with someone to be inspired by them; to feel blessed with their existence; to appreciate what they've done and feel sad because they're gone.

And it's just, god, it feels so surreal to think that someone that big is gone. It doesn't make sense. I know we're all going to die, that's life. But when it comes to him, as I said before, I felt like he was immortal. And in a way, he is, because he will always live to the world. Everything he's done, everything he's accomplished, that will always be here. Always. 

He was, is, one of the most influential artists of all time, the human example of how someone with passion can make the world a better place. He did. He and his creative soul and mind did. And yeah, I'm sad, but I'm also blessed to see how lucky we've been to have him. An icon.

I don't know for everyone else, I'm obviously speaking for myself when I say that this man was an inspiration because he was himself and he did what he wanted to do. He showed the world how unique he was and how if you love something enough, you can never be stopped. Ever. 

He's the perfect example of how powerful we actually are, there's so much we could do if we all were as brave and incredible as he was. And that, with all the stuff he's done, is so fucking inspiring. I'm not making much sense right now because I feel like I wanna write a million things but I also feel like I just wanna have a good cry. And then, after that, maybe change the world just like he's tought us.

David Bowie was art until his last breath.
He literally made his death art with 'Lazarus' and that's such a Bowie thing to do. That even as gloomy as I feel right now, I can't help but smile. 

I smile because this amazing human being knew he was leaving the world sooner than later, and he didn't tell us, but he gave us a gift two days before he left. He gave us Blackstar, and if that wasn't enough, he gave us that masterpiece of a video as a goodbye. He was dedicated to his art and his life until the last minute, and I can't admire that more. 

He is literally a star.
Not in the "he was born to be a famous artist" way (which, he was), but in the "he's such a magical creature, full of love and dust and admirable things that can't be real because they're too good to be true" way. He is a star that will always shine upon us and bless us with his existence.

Speaking of that, I want to finish this entry with a quote that I read this morning and couldn't be more accurate:

I take some comfort in the idea that David Bowie, the master of reinvention, has probably just evolved into something so spectacular that we as mere mortals cannot comprehend it on this plane of existence.

Thank you.
Thank you for coming to earth to save us, for providing a model of bravery and courage to millions of people who had never been embraced by such a culture hero before. Thank you for being that hero and setting all of us free in unexpected ways.

I'm glad you left this planet surrounded by your family and loved ones, you deserve no less than happiness and love. You'll never be forgotten, the world loves you.

Rest In Peace, starman.



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