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June, 2016.
That was the last time I posted something and I'm terribly sorry.

I know I always do the same; I post, I apologise, and I leave this blog dead for a month or two, which was definitely not what I had in mind when I first started this. I can't promise anything anymore, but I do have tons of ideas (all in progress) and hopefully, this won't happen again.

As you can see, I've changed everything. Different design, way easier to find stuff - all categorised. It gives me a sense of organisation and that makes me want to write more and more.

Originally, I had three parts written, but I decided to share only part 1 and 2 of the analysis. Since I made this one pretty long after that decision, I'm posting half of it today (the negative aspects of their relationship) and the other half (the positive aspects) on Friday or so.

Anyway, here's part 2.1 of the Mickey Milkovich analysis: his relationship with Ian.

If I'm honest, I found this part of the analysis the most difficult to write. Why? Because writing about Mickey and who he is (or who I think he is) wasn't easy, but explaining his relationship with Ian in all its glory is definitely not a piece of cake.

I could probably write about the good sides of it and everything would be wonderful, but I also want to write about the toxic part of this relationship. Yes, I love them to death but they had so many toxic behaviours towards each other that I cannot simply ignore them.

Let's start with the beginning, shall we?

As I already mentioned in part 1, Mickey wasn't supposed to be a regular character and his relationship with Ian definitely wasn't supposed to be THE relationship of the show. Because we gotta be real, they stole the freaking show and the people at 'Shameless' knew it. I mean, they wouldn't have made all that #Gallavich propaganda otherwise.

I think the reason of this success was how you have not only two good looking people that actually look cute together (and have crazy chemistry), but also two characters and their developments through their relationship. We saw the relationship grow, but we also saw them grow.

Now, was it a good development? Was it positive?

Here's where I have the biggest issue to explain what I think. Because I believe they made each other free, they truly loved each other and Mickey's development as a person/character, was with no doubt, positive. But as a couple? If we pretend that the show ended in 5x08, then yes, they had some negative stuff going on (I'll talk about that in a bit), but the outcome was great. The actual ending? All for nothing, people, aaaall for nothing.

We started season 1 with an agressive Mickey going after Ian because he thought he messed with his sister, then things happened, they ended up having sex multiple times and you feel sorry for Ian because he really likes this boy and he wants a relationship, but the Milkovich kid says stuff like "you're just a warm mouth to me". But wait a minute, did Mickey ever said he wanted a commited relationship? No. So...I guess it's only fair if he just wants sex after all, right?

Anyway, things changed pretty quickly, I mean, 1x09, Ian goes to visit Mickey in juvie and even when he doesn't say it, you can see how smitten he is with Ian. Season 3 is the season where they both finally realised that they're not just fucking, there are feelings involved. Season 4 is (for  me) the breaking point, there were some REALLY good stuff, but also really bad stuff happening there. And Season 5 seemed to be the one, you know? There was some bad shit going on (like the cheating), but they got more than one minute of screen-time and the show started developing Ian's bipolar disorder along with their relationship.

Episode six was full of intense moments that were key to their developments as characters and lovers, but then...the season finale happened. And let me start by saying something really important: I'm not mad about the breakup, I am not. I promise.

At this point I don't even care about that anymore, but I feel the need to clarify it because people have asked me if I "knew Ian and Mickey aren't the only ones in the show". I mean...of course I know that?! They weren't even a thing when the show first started. Noel wasn't a regular, Mickey was just a secondary character and he was disposable. If any other actor played Mickey, we've probably seen so little of him.

But yeah, back to the topic, I am not mad about the breakup.

Did I like it? No.
Did I enjoy watching that scene? No.
Did I find it extremely sad? Hell yeah.

But I'm not mad about it.
I actually understood the reason behind it; Ian needed some time alone to learn about his illness, to explore himself and just breathe and be aware of the situation, and that's okay. Wait, no, that's more than okay. What it's not as okay is the way they ended it, because it made no sense at all.

Listen, I've loved these two characters with my whole soul, I know them, just like you know the characters from your favourite show or book and you know what they would or wouldn't do in any situation. And guess what? I, and the entire world, know that the guy we saw at the season finale wasn't Ian Gallagher.

He was so out of character that I couldn't believe it and that's why I was fucking mad that day. You wanna break them up? ALRIGHT, DO IT, BUT USE COMMON SENSE. Ian would never turn away while Mickey is being chased with a gun; Ian would never act like he doesn't give a shit about Mickey. Are you trying to tell me that this guy, who was sick worried that Mickey was leaving him because of his illness two episodes before this breakup suddenly forgets about everything? He's just like 'new phone, who this?' when Mickey tells him he loves him? C'm-the fuck-on. Maybe people bought it and even liked it, but I didn't.

So, I'm mad about that. Mostly because it hurt Mickey, but also because Ian was my second favourite and it sucks to see that character assessination.

[Please remember that I'm writing from what I've seen, seasons 1-5. I have no idea if "the real Ian" is back in Season 6.]

I'm mad because for five years, they have built deep and complex stories for ALL the characters, but in my opinion none more so than Mickey Milkovich and his relationship with Ian Gallagher. We had the pleasure to watch little by little the character development, which was INCREDIBLE. So, when this is blown up in the space of one episode and keeps being destroyed in the next one (again, I have not watched season 6, I can only write about episode 1), I am mad, of course I am. Mad and upset, as I've got every right to be.

I watched 6x01 because I knew it was Mickey's last episode and I wanted to see him one last time, wanted to know if somehow they were going to give him a deserved ending. Deep in my heart I knew they wouldn't because they hate the Milkoviches, but one can only hope.

You know what I felt like watching that episode? I felt sick.

I knew Mickey was in jail and I knew I wasn't gonna like it, but that?! Svetlana had TO PAY Ian to go see Mickey. So you're telling me that after 5 years, Mickey's worth 50 dollars to Ian? Really? Do you expect me to believe that? Do you want me to be okay with that? The hell I am.

Oh, and Mickey being the "crazy ex-boyfriend" obsessed with Ian, getting a tattoo with Ian's name wrongly spelled. Are you kidding me? For once, Mickey fucking knows how to spell Gallagher, he did it in season 1 when he wanted to kill him for "hurting" Mandy. So...nice try, I guess? They wanted to make the average viewers think 'aw that's cute, he got a tattoo for him' and 'look at him! He doesn't even know how to spell it' for the sake of comedy. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's plain ridiculous.

Obviously, as much as I adore Mickey, I'm not going to deny that he was such a piece of shit in early seasons - his actions were at times verbally and physically abusive in seasons 1-3 - but I also got to understand him a lot more when I took a step out of the "THEY ARE MY OTP" bubble. Here, I'll explain.

The thing is that they both have been abusive towards each other, there's no way we can say they had a healthy relationship because they simply didn't. Did they have the healthiest relationship of the show? Well, that's 100% yes if we don't count Carl and Bonnie. So, what's the difference, then?

I think the main difference is how those two scenarios are handled.

Season 4 and 5 changed the couple's dinamic.
At the beggining of season four, they showed us Mickey always thinking about Ian, missing him, etc. He was pining for him, he was blamed for Ian leaving (again) and he was told to bring him back. He was not allowed to move on in any way without him, and that's the complete opposite of what happened when the tables turned.

Ian was not shown missing Mickey, because excuse me, but badmouthing him with the most monotone voice is not him being bitter because he misses him. He just needed a second, and then he could move on like his relationship with Mickey was never there.

And believe me, I love the fact that they're letting Ian move on and live his life, but why couldn't Mickey do the same in Season 4? Why is Mickey reduced to his lover? I do hope the writers make Ian's character justice, I hope they make him happy and give him all the love he deserves...I simply cannot help but dislike how they did stuff to made it seem like Ian never did anything wrong and it was all Mickey's fault.

Again, no excuses for Mickey's violent behaviors, but how come those behaviors result in disrespect and insults to him, when Ian's violent behaviors are supposed to be sympathized with because of his mental illness? Both of them are traumatized teenagers, they should be treated the same!

If we are meant to sympathize with Ian as a survivor, then the same goes for Mickey - they both are. If we're meant to sympathize with Ian as a person who doesn't know how healthy relationships look like, then the same goes for Mickey - none of them knows. If we're meant to sympathize with Ian struggling to express himself, then the same goes for Mickey - they've got the same problem.

It's that easy.
But the narrative kept punishing Mickey and it's really freaking unfair.

And that makes me mad not because Mickey's my favourite, but also because they are people (well, characters), they make mistakes and once they acknowledge them, it's okay. The show doesn't need to blame every single mistake on a Milkovich.

Back to what I was mentioning before (Season 4 being the breaking point, some negative things going on, Ian changing too), one of the scenes that I hate the most was in Season 4. Do you remember when Ian came back and we were all happy and Mickey was trying to be with him again? There was a scene where Ian told Mickey that he would give them a chance if he gave him a blowjob whenever he wanted. I hated that with my whole soul.

Why? Well, that wasn't Ian not ready to be in a relationship, that wasn't Ian not ready to trust Mickey again. That was Ian being a manipulative prick. And that's not the Ian Gallahger I fell in love with, so. Hated that.

Then we also got Ian pushing Mickey to come out, another thing that I hated. I get it, Ian didn't want to hide, but this wasn't about Mickey being a coward - which Ian also called him - this was about Mickey being brave enough to choose his personal safety over his feelings for Ian and being true to himself. Honestly?! He wasn't safe, his father almost killed him when he came out, and he did it due to the fear of losing Ian. He wasn't fucking ready to do it. You do not push people to come out.

I get that Ian realised he deserved better treatment and he thought that if Mickey really wanted them to be together, he had to prove it, but an enormous line was crossed that season for me.

In conclusion: I honestly think they did an amazing job as two kids who had no idea about relationships. They fucked up big time sometimes, but in the end, they loved and helped each other. If the scenes on the Season 5 finale and the first episode of Season 6 weren't so terrible, I'd say the outcome was positive (even if they broke up). That not being possible...I'll pretend it all ended in 5x08 with this scene:

I guess that's all I have for today!
Again, I gotta remind the few people who read me that this is my opinion, I'm not stating anything, just sharing my thoughts.

I'll be back with a happier entry about these two characters! All about the great aspects of their relationship, so...please come back?

Have a nice week!!



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