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I didn't want to finish this analysis in a bad note; as much as I didn't like certain things happening in a certain way - or happening at all - I am, to this day, blessed to know that I witnessed one of the most beautiful stories of two wonderful boys falling in love with each other.

I honestly think that Ian and Mickey are two of the most unique gay characters I've ever seen on the small screen, and that has a lot to do with Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher, so...gotta thank both of them for doing such an incredible job.

I know they weren't perfect, they were fucked up, but they did love each other an awful lot. Despite all the mess up stuff that happened to them...Ian loved Mickey since the beginning and Mickey loved him back. And, for me, one of the best things about them was how they unconsciously helped each other grow.

For example, we got to see Mickey correcting his abusive behaviour toward Ian and starting to try and communicate in a healthy way. That was a beautiful thing to watch. We also saw him being gentle and caring for Ian when nobody else did, we saw him finally opening up and acepting that maybe he did have a chance to be happy and to feel loved. And that, my friends, is character development. It'd be even more beautiful if Ian wouldn't have rejected it, though.

Sorry, back to the topic.

This relationship starts with two very solid characters and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere when they first have sex, but then everything changes. One of my favourite things about how it all happened is the slow burn of their relationship. It makes their story soooo worth watching.

I personally hate it when I'm watching a show or a movie and two characters fall in love in two seconds or they instantly like each other, it's boring. No offence if you like that, I just find it way too cliché because there's no excitement for me while watching.

That's the opposite of what happened with Ian and Mickey, their story is about two teenagers slowly falling in love with each other and learning about relationships together, and said relationship going from just sex to something a lot deeper. That's what I like.

It's really nice to watch their first kiss and remember that line about Mickey cutting Ian's tongue out if he kissed him; or Mickey letting it slip that he missed Ian while he was on juvie. Stuff like that which makes you think "wow, things have truly changed. They have truly changed.".

None of them knew a damn shit about relationships; Ian was having sex with Kash - a grown up with a family - and Mickey didn't even know it was possible for him to feel or give love. And they both learned so much from each other.

Ian finally got to know what it was like to love someone, the moment Mickey came into his life as more than his friends' brother, Kash ceased to exist. It's like there was nobody else there but Mickey for him. And even when Mickey was kinda terrible back then, Ian visited him in juvie, he went with Mandy to pick him up from there, he got him a job...etc. He did stuff to help Mickey and to also show him that he cared about him.

And you know what I adore? How Mickey had small moments of giving back. He couldn't have such big gestures with Ian in early seasons because as we already discussed, it wasn't safe and he didn't understand what was going on with his feelings, but he still gave back. He met Ian and supported him when Monica showed up, he kissed him for the first time to show him that he liked him...he did exactly the same as Ian, it just took him a little more time.

And I find that so beautiful; how these two boys suddenly feel the need to help each other and how knowing nothing about what a relationship looks like, both have this instinct of protecting the other.

The dynamic between them will forever be one of the most touching, powerful and incredible on television, and I'd like to share this video as proof of that. I, still to this day, can't watch it without tearing up.

I know this part is not as long as the other two, but I'm afraid that if I spend the right amount of time watching old scenes and rememering their story, I'm gonna be sad for a very long time. And I'm still bitter, so.

Since I won't be posting Part 3, I'd like to share something from that section to finish this analysis:

Wanna know what upsets me the most?
The way Mickey's story ended, because I did not see it coming. Not after season 4 and even season 5. I never thought his ending would be abrupt and painful, because it couldn't be, not after everything.

Not after everything he's been through, how hard he's tried. Not after seeing the extent of his suffering; after seeing him opening up and allowing himself to be happy. Not after experiencing his capacity of love and his need to be loved in return. Not after seeing how selfless he is; after seeing his most vulnerable side. Not after watching him grow into a man who accepts himself and shares every bit of who he is/what he has with another person.

It just...it wouldn't be fair, would it?
Well, turns out it doesn't matter. And I know it's a show but he touched me and so many other people in such a special way, that I still have moments of really strong indignation. I still feel the need to go to people and tell them that he deserved so much better. He didn't deserve a sad and lonely ending sitting on a cell wondering why the person he thought he was safe with, doesn't give a shit about him and has to be paid to visit him.

He didn't deserve an end with no one to care for his well being and the cruel realization that maybe all the shit life/people have always said to him - you're a failure and deserve nothing, you're just a criminal and won't get anywhere - are true. They aren't and we all know that, but does Mickey know?

I didn't want it to be a superduperhappy (unrealistic) ending. I simply wanted it to be a hopeful one, with love and a sense of family (something that they were building) and with Mickey learning that all the mistakes you've made, the abuse you've suffered or the way you were raised don't make you any less of a person. All of that doesn't make you unworthy of a future or love, or self-respect. 

I just wish Mickey knew that.



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  1. I really like your analysis. I think than you headcanon about Mickey Demiomantic was very interesting although I think it's also possible that he just did not want to intimidate with Ian anymore for fear of lowering his guard, pull out him and then receiving a kick (waits .. Is not what happened?).

    In the kiss scene, Ian tells Mickey that Need likes him because he is not afraid to kiss him and the mickey's facial expressions give me to enterder that hit the spot. I personally think that Mickey was rather afraid of all that, the intimacy, that Ian liked more and more and so on.

    In the scene of the sucked of dick for my Ian wanted to humiliate him a bit as if was for to punish him for what happened before and Mickey really seems to consider it a humiliation. His gestures seem to show that he fights against himself before giving in and saying that he will. He humbled himself for Ian at that time (I do not mean that Suck of Dicks is humiliating, I mean in that context) That was awful. It seems like losing Ian again is too much and maybe he also feels a little guilty about Ian leaving and as Ian endes. I also did not like that Ian did that although I recognize that I love the interpretation of Noel and how you can get to see everything that Mickey feels at that moment (and although I do not want to recognize i seemed cute that Mickey, the tough guy, was so Tremendously in love with Ian.I should not like the context in which it is shown but i feeled like love-hate in this scene)

    Well, I would like to know if you saw the reappearance of Mickey in Season 7 and what you think of it.

    P.d: forgive my bad English and I hope it is understood more or less.

    thank you for this post.

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for your comment!! No need to apologize for your English, it's really good!

      I feel the same way as you when it comes to the dick sucking scene, it felt wrong to me and as you said, like Ian did that to humilliate Mickey. I didn't like it and I still to this day feel like Ian did a few things that forced Mickey in ways he shouldn't have.

      I have seen Mickey's reappearances and I was - again - disappointed in the way the show ended his story. They always painted him as the bad guy, even when he wasn't. What did you think of those scenes in Season 7?

      Thanks again for your comment! x


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