Hello people, I'm here again!

Things seem to be working out at the moment, because I've been posting here every Monday and I couldn't be happier about that.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog's future (as if somebody reads me), and I'd love to post maybe twice a week? I feel like three times a week is the best option, but given my past, we all know I wouldn't keep that compromise going. So I thought, hey, what about posting on Mondays and Saturdays?

There's a reason why I chose Saturday instead of Wednesday or any other day of the week, but you'll have to wait to find out later this week!

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you my top four youtube channels of the moment and why I chose them. Hope you enjoy it!

[Click on the pictures if you want to visit their channels]

I found this channel not that long ago because Will Darbyshire was featured in one of the videos and I literally fell in love with it.

George Muncey is the one whose face you always see on the videos and all over social media, but there are a lot of great artists involved.

The videos are all about film photography and you can find out how different cameras work and learn a lot. If you love photography, you're going to adore this youtube channel.

Savannah Brown is a twenty year old woman from Ohio who is currently living in London and posts videos talking about important topics, sharing some of her poetry and also some cute ones of her life with her boyfriend.

I found her channel through said boyfriend, and I've adored her since. I really like her poetry - very sincere and sometimes heartbreaking - and the way she express herself/states her opinion on certain topics.

Tim Kellner is a filmmaker/music producer from New York.

He makes short but extremely beautiful videos. You can find fantastic shots of places like Japan and Jamaica, and also aesthetically pleasing videos of people, streets, the woods...

What I love the most about his channel is how incredibly well shot those videos are. The angles, the colours, the music that goes with them...everything is in sync and it looks breathtaking.

Bunny Meyer is an American youtuber that I've been following for a really long time now.

I can't exactly tell you what her videos are about, I guess they're a mix of beauty, (rarely) fashion but mostly very funny videos that I love to watch when I'm feeling down.

"Does this thing really work?" is a series where she tests out weird stuff and then reviews it. It is way more entertaining than you might think.

So...who are your #4 youtube channels? Leave a comment with some recommendations if you want!
And remember to come back on Saturday to read my new "section"!

Have a nice week!!!



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