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I'm back with the next two pages of my journal; this week dedicated to Mr. Robot, which is one of my favourite TV shows at the moment (if not my favourite). I won't be writing much because I want to post a whole entry about it with my friend Stephy in the near future, but...here we go!

"We live in a kingdom of bullshit."
- Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot, as the majority of you know, is an American drama-thriller tv show created by Sam Esmail and it tells/shows the story of Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek), a cybersecurity engineer and hacker.

It's really difficult to explain the plot without spilling the beans, so I'm going to try and simply write why I love this show so much.

Here's the thing; I think Mr. Robot is one of those shows that you either love with your whole soul, or hate with passion. There's no inbetween.

If you get the chance to connect with it, you're going to fucking love it. If you don't, you'll probably find it pretty boring and it won't make you feel anything. That's one of my favourite things about it, actually. How almost everyone has a strong opinion to share about the show.

I feel like the main reason why I got so hooked up with the show was because of Elliot.
Not just because I was fascinated with Rami's acting since minute one, but also because of a really important word: representation.

Nowadays, even when it seems like we're stuck in a shitty society - which, honestly, we are - there are certain things that are changing. We can find poc characters in tv shows/movies (we need more!!!), we can find lgbtq+ characters (please, writers, stop killing 99% of them), we can find characters with different body types...we gotta admit that there's more representation now than there was 10 years ago, right?

Well, although I think there's still a long way to go, I'm glad to see that. 
And I'm also glad to see how Elliot is a guy with whom tons of people can relate. A guy who's struggling with social anxiety, depression and dissociative identity disorder.

As much as people say that representation is not important...belive me, it is. It is so fucking important to see yourself there, to feel like you're not alone. And  something really important is that the message the show gives when it comes to his mental illnesses is not a lie. He's definitely not happy and life's not a carousel, but it's real.

It shows how Elliot, despite his anxiety, can still talk to people, but he feels extremely uncomfortable. He'd rather stay at home alone with his computer and do his thing. It also shows how that illness is not as easy as getting anxious whenever you have social interaction, but also how you can suffer a panic/anxiety attack out of nowhere.

Another thing that's real about this show and something that I adore is the way it handles today's issues (racism, capitalism, corruption, religion, sexism...everything is in there). What makes every dialogue so special, apart from the incredible performances, is how close to the real world it feels. The separation between the events of the show and our own reality is really, really thin. Almost invisible.

That certainly makes it easier for the viewers to connect and feel like they've got a voice that's being heard. At least I feel like that. When I watched the scene of the quote I chose for my journal, I got chills. Rami was out of this world, and it somehow felt like he was speaking out my mind. Quite literally. Bra-vo.

Oh, and also bravo for making that viewer-Elliot relationship happen.
It's weird, it's new and it's fucking creepy in the best way. Way to break the fourth wall and make us feel like we are right there with him.

And let's not forget the women of the show!!!! So important!!!! So well-written!!!! Powerful, strong, independent women who need no man, my kink #1. They're not secondary characters, they're just as important as Elliot to the plot and I freaking love it.

I cannot say the amount of times I've screamed 'YASSSSS QUEEN, CRUSH HIM/THEM' at my computer while watching them on screen. Countless.

And last but not least, - because I promised I wouldn't write too much and I already broke that promise - the cinematography and the soundtrack. I want to give every single person that works on this show a forehead kiss and a cookie, they deserve it.

Listen, you can FEEL the amount of attention given to every angle, the colours, the lighting, the scene composition...it's so incredibly well done. You're watching a show, but it literally looks like a movie. It's a visual journey.

And then, to complete that, we've got the music. The universe knows how I sometimes hate how exaggerated or overplayed the sounds are, but that's only because doing that, the discomfort increases, the anxiety gets real in certain scenes and it makes you get inside Elliot's head. It's so well used to set the mood. Fuckkkkkkkkk.

It's time for my fingers to stop typing.
Hope you guys enjoyed this entry and read you next week!



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