I'm a prisoner.

I'm a prisoner of the universe. A prisoner of the world. A prisoner of society.
I'm a prisoner with no visible chains, but those chains exist. I carry them with me every single second since the day I was born a girl.

I'm a prisoner because a long time ago, somebody once decided that women were not good enough; that they had to be a certain – unrealistic – way to be appreciated; that they needed a number of characteristics to have the minimum value; that they should not speak up under any circumstances; that they should bear with whatever men or the rest of humanity throws at them because it's their obligation.

I'm a prisoner because I believed that.
I was born a girl and all those cruel ideas, all the toxic behaviour – you've got no right to love yourself, you'll never be enough, you have to please others in order to be respected – were a part of me from minute one.

I've been a prisoner for a long time now, but I refuse to be one anymore.
I love myself, or at least I try to. Because I deserve it, my body deserves it, my mind deserves it.
I love other women, as much as others dislike the idea of us not fighting. Because they deserve the love and care like any other human being, they deserve the support instead of the competition.

I've been a prisoner, but I'm ready to stand up and scream at the top of my lungs: I am a woman, and I couldn't be prouder.

That's a little something I wrote not that long ago. I didn't have the time or energy to write a good entry today, so...decided to share this.

Have a nice week!!!



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