Hello fellas!

I'm back with my journal and as promised, with an explanation.
I had everything ready to go last month, but I didn't post a thing because I literally had no time at all to do so. I had two busy weeks and the moment I got home, all I could do was eat something and go to sleep. I'm sorry.

I didn't like the idea of posting two weeks of November so I jumped straight to December. Here's week one: autumn.


Ps: I'm tired and mad because my laptop decided to be a little shit out of nowhere and I lost everything that I had saved here for the past four years. Not an excuse for this lame entry but just so you know, in case my words sound dull.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

- L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

So, I know winter or Christmas would have been a more suitable choice, but this journal is about my favourite things and those two are not on my list. Autumn is.

For some unknown reason I've always said that summer is my favourite season, and it's not like I'm lying, it is! But I'm not entirely sure why...? I don't usually do much and the sun is my skin's worst enemy, but I guess I'm in love with the idea of summer.

And you know what I'm also in love with? Autumn; and not just the idea of it, but the actual season. It comes at the right time when you feel like you can't take another hot day anymore, and its breeze makes a tiny tear fall down. Quite dramatic, I am. Sorry.

One of my favourite things about autumn is the colours.
It's so lovely to see the canopy of red, orange and gold leaves all around you! I don't know why, but it kinda feels like home. Leaves changing from their original colours to multi-colored beauties...nature is amazing.

(Also wearing said colours and creating make-up looks with them...fucking awesome. Who am I kidding.)

I also love how somehow it represents a cycle of loss. Leaves that were once alive are now dead and turn into part of the soil. Regeneration and regrowth, what a beautiful metaphor of life.

And you know what's even better about that? How much most of us enjoy it. We don't see it as a sad event, but as one that must be celebrated and adored because it creates some sort of sense of warmth and comfort. I always found that quite interesting.

Last but not least, it's the perfect time to make hot cocoa even more, wear cute outfits based on sweaters and coats and scarves...literally everything looks cuter when it's autumn, doesn't it?

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that it's somehow way more acceptable to say 'not feeling like going out, I just wanna stay in bed and read a book'. MY KIND OF SHIT, THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.

PS: the pretty art I used is made by Judit Mallol, an illustrator that creates incredible content. Check her out and buy some stuff from her shop if you want! I love everything she makes.

Read you next week!



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